About Local Order

Started in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Local Order was created by two college students who sought to find a solution for small local businesses struggling with the limitations that social distancing unexpectedly foisted upon the world. We are happy to say that we have achieved this goal, if the world will accept it.

For years, local businesses have been ignored by the tech world and as online shopping has grown in popularity, many towns and communities have witnessed their cherished local businesses struggle or collapse. Oftentimes the creation and maintenance of a website is too cumbersome or tedious for a local business to do smoothly. That’s where two nerdy college kids come in. We are hoping to be the change that countless communities across the nation have wished for. We have designed this site to work especially well for local businesses by use of a radius based search. This allows shoppers to see nearby stores and which items they have available. Once a shopper has purchased (credit/debit/paypal are currently supported) an item, stores can choose to deliver their products or have the customer pick it up off the curb.

At the time of writing this (June, 2020), we are just starting the site and making it open to the public. We have a number of local stores across the country who have expressed eagerness to join us and we can’t wait to help!

Feel free to contact us at shoplocalorder@gmail.com for any questions or comments. From our communities to yours, we miss you and will overcome these trying times.

-Gavin Eldridge, Programmer/Co-founder